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For more than seven decades, FARM GOLD Handels-GmbH has been one of Austrias leading suppliers of dried fruits, nuts and seeds. This traditional Austrian company founded in 1949 is located in the south of Vienna and supplies businesses throughout Europe with everything from raw materials to high-quality products. 

Our satisfied customers range from wholesale grocery distributors, the food and catering industry including hotels, restaurants and bakeries to specialty pastry and cake shops and confectioneries   

Product quality and customer satisfaction come first for FARM GOLD. Our customers benefit from our many years of expertise from initial  raw material selection and purchasing, to careful storage and processing. We carry out all processing in house and, by doing so, are able to respond to special requests and deliver all raw materials to a very high level of quality and workmanship.  

The quality of our products is ensured and guaranteed by our laboratories which are located in our facilities in addition to inspections carried out by external laboratories. All products supplied by us are inspected in Austria and strictly comply to Austrian health and food standards

What FARM GOLD offers to its customers:

We process all our precious raw materials in-house at our state of the art facility. Nut kernels are roasted in our own roasting plant and delivered exactly in the quality required by the customer. Bespoke mixtures can be accommodated and goods are carefully selected before being packed in-house.

What distinguishes FARM GOLD from others:

We are a reliable owner-operated company, with a flexible, innovative and experienced team that knows how to take care of the needs of our customers. We enjoy strong and cooperative relationships with our suppliers who are selected under strict and rigorous criteria. Long and established relationships with our customers are based on trust and support and are the foundations of our company’s philosophy.

We process and manufacture our precious raw materials in-house. 

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We are reliable and competent in procurement, product and packaging selection. We are happy to develop customised solutions for our customers. Our flexible and innovative team is constantly working to optimise these services. For grocery wholesalers we therefore offer in-house branded products and, upon request, also fill private labels. 

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